Business Painting To Improve Brand Image, Employee Morale, And Customer Happiness

Business Painting To Improve Brand Image, Employee Morale, And Customer Happiness 

Did you know that simply painting your office space, whether it is a storefront or a place for administration, can have a significant impact on your brand image, employee morale, and the overall happiness of your customers? It’s true.

Not only does it show that you care, but when you make your working environment clean, modern, and more aesthetically pleasing, there is also a lot of research that shows just how much it can change sales, mood, and many other factors. This is because there are certain psychological effects behind different colours, and what kind of emotion and behaviour they can invoke, for example, productivity, efficiency, creativity, and concentration. This is why many large, well-known brands spend a lot of time and money scientifically working out the best colours for their brand image because they know it is a worthwhile investment. 

With these simple tips and the help of a reputable painting company in Mississauga, you can do the same for your business. 

Identify What You Are Trying To Achieve 

The first and most important step to painting your business to improve your brand image, employee morale, and customer happiness, is deciding what you are trying to achieve. If you are painting the inside of an office building, where you want to optimize the space for working, morale and to positively influence the production of work, then you’ll want to choose colours that best represent this goal, for example, yellow is known for happiness and energy, red for its impact on making decisions, blue for creativity and green for serenity. If you are looking to boost customer happiness, then some of the best colours are red for power and attention, white for cleanliness and calm, and black for neutrality, authority, and intelligence. The same goes for your brand identity, the colours you choose need to invoke certain emotions, such as trust, and confidence, while ensuring your colour combination is unique from your competitors, and will be recognized when used. Regardless, it must align with what your brand is about, and your messaging. 

Consider The Location 

Not only do you have to identify a goal, and carefully select the right colour palette for your brand, employees, and customers, but you must also consider the space the colours are going to be used. The size and amenities within a location are important factors to consider, as the wrong colours can end up having the opposite effect, for example, if the room where your employees are working, or customers are visiting, brighter colours could lead to a feeling of claustrophobia or boxed in. The colours you choose must also complement the space you are working with to optimize it and create a fresh, pleasant environment for people to spend time in. 

When choosing colours, you can enlist the help of professionals, who will be able to advise you. In addition to this, you can create and test your colour palettes with focus groups to see how it makes them feel, to ensure you are selecting the best colours for your brand that will have a lasting effect. Working with the right painting company in Mississauga will help you move forward with your project, and ensure its success. Alderson Elite Painting works with companies large and small to provide painting services that are completed on time, within budget, and without disruption to your normal flow of business. With a reputation that is second to none, Alderson Elite Painting expertly manages the project around your business activities so you can focus on the overall running of your business.



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