Best Paint Colours For Your Home

Best Paint Colours For Your Home

There are any number of endless possibilities when it comes to complementary paint colour schemes for your home. It can be tricky, however, to get it just right so your home exudes the feeling you want it to, which is why you want to get it right the first time. This is the big reason homeowners call the professionals at Alderson Elite to paint their homes, and we’ve probably seen more paint and colour combinations than most people. Our residential painting service is done right – on time and on budget, too – and we’re more than happy to help clients choose the best paint colors when they’re feeling confused or overwhelmed. We’ve found over time that there are a few staples that can work well with a wide variety of home furnishings and styles, and an interior decorator would agree!


There is a good reason why white is the most common color seen in residential painting – both inside and out- and that is primarily due to its versatility. White can go with almost any design scheme and be paired with other colours from vibrant to pastels. There are several shades of white that are available from residential painting product manufacturers, and you can find a great tone to blend with your own home decor. White will really allow trim pieces throughout your home to pop, as well. If you have dark wood frames around your door, paint the walls behind them white and you will see what we mean. The house painters in Mississauga and southern Ontario residents trust – Alderson Elite Painting – have a gallery of pictures for you to look at and see how past clients have utilized white in their homes with great success.


Beige is another of the more common colors used in residential painting. Many people like it over whites because it has a warmer feel to it while also having the ability to pair well with other features of the house. The flexibility of beige can not only make other brighter things stand out without clashing – your colourful couches and rugs, for example – but it really works nicely with stainless steel and several varieties of wood flooring. Beige is also a very popular color for home exteriors, as it also looks great with the outdoor environment while hiding some of the natural dirt and wear a home’s exterior is bound to have over time. 


A classic in residential painting, blues have a remarkable ability to add elegance to any space while also complimenting many interior decor colours. Both light and dark blues can radiate with a subtlety that doesn’t distract, making it a favourite among interior designers. Many people find blue to be a relaxing colour, and that’s often just the right mood you want to have while relaxing or entertaining at home. 

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Your residential painting experts at Alderson Elite Painting are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right colours for your interiors and exteriors. We service Mississauga, southern Ontario, and the greater Toronto area. You can find links to our gallery as well as more information about residential painting at



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